Tkinter GUI tutorial in Python

Customizing an embedded Matplotlib Graph in Tkinter

We've got the data, and the graph, but now we might want to change the graph a bit. Here, we'll be changing some of the basic visual aspects of our graph, feel free to add your own touch. Here's our new animate function:
def animate(i):
    dataLink = ''
    data = urllib.request.urlopen(dataLink)
    data = data.readall().decode("utf-8")
    data = json.loads(data)

    data = data["btc_usd"]
    data = pd.DataFrame(data)

    buys = data[(data['type']=="bid")]
    buys["datestamp"] = np.array(buys["timestamp"]).astype("datetime64[s]")
    buyDates = (buys["datestamp"]).tolist()

    sells = data[(data['type']=="ask")]
    sells["datestamp"] = np.array(sells["timestamp"]).astype("datetime64[s]")
    sellDates = (sells["datestamp"]).tolist()


    a.plot_date(buyDates, buys["price"], "#00A3E0", label="buys")
    a.plot_date(sellDates, sells["price"], "#183A54", label="sells")

    a.legend(bbox_to_anchor=(0, 1.02, 1, .102), loc=3,
             ncol=2, borderaxespad=0)

    title = "BTC-e BTCUSD Prices\nLast Price: "+str(data["price"][1999])
The major changes here are that we are specifically specifying a color and a label for our plots. After that, we're creating a legend at the top left. Finally, we're making a custom title that includes the last price. Tkinter GUI tutorial in Python

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