Python Programming Consulting, teaching, and contracting

Services offered:

  • Hands on teaching/consulting - Learn how to solve your problems with code, the client chooses what is covered/taught.
  • Consulting - General help with finding the right solutions to your problems.
  • Contracting - I write code to your specifications.

The majority of my clients have so far been "hands on consulting" clients, where the client learns how to solve their problems via code, mainly in the fields of web development and data analysis, but I am open to traditional contract work and any of the topics that I know, and still frequently do that.

My rate is the same, no matter if I am teaching, consulting, or doing pure contract work. It's the same if it's just a one-on-one meeting with you on the phone or Skype, or if it's an auditorium of 100 people, or if it's you and your friends in a Google Hangout. My rate is $250/hour. If travel is involved, further compensation is required to cover that. But, basically, $250/hr for just about whatever you want from me Python-wise. The rate is set purely due to supply and demand, I understand it's a high cost, but I get multiple inquiries a day for this.

*if you have questions or need help on specific tutorials, hiring me like this is not necessary. Either send me a message through +=1 or try to email me, you do not need to hire me for that.*

For more information, you can contact me through