robotics with the Raspberry Pi

Remotely controlling the car

Here's an example of the Raspberry Pi car being remote-controlled.

It is done using Putty for SSH, a portable cellphone charger to power the pi, and an edimax wifi adapter for remote connectivity.

With this setup, we're remote controlling via a remote desktop connection, since we needed the GUI for the keylogger via tkinter.

Next, up, we add a distance sensor.

The next tutorial:

  • Robotics with the Raspberry Pi
  • Programming GPIO example
  • Running GPIO
  • Building Autonomous / RC car intro
  • Supplies needed
  • Motor Control
  • Connecting the four motors
  • Forward and Reverse
  • Turning
  • Pivoting
  • User Control
  • Remotely controlling the car
  • Adding a distance sensor (HC-SR04)
  • Programming with the distance sensor
  • Autopilot and/or auto-correct
  • Autonomous Beginnings
  • Testing Autonomous Code
  • Streaming video example one
  • Less latency streaming option