robotics with the Raspberry Pi

Connecting the four motors

This tutorial and video just dedicated to connecting the other four motors and piecing the kit together. Four our connection configuration, watch the video.

Once that is done, you're ready to progress to the next tutorial, which is going to cover making the car go forward and reverse.

The next tutorial:

  • Robotics with the Raspberry Pi
  • Programming GPIO example
  • Running GPIO
  • Building Autonomous / RC car intro
  • Supplies needed
  • Motor Control
  • Connecting the four motors
  • Forward and Reverse
  • Turning
  • Pivoting
  • User Control
  • Remotely controlling the car
  • Adding a distance sensor (HC-SR04)
  • Programming with the distance sensor
  • Autopilot and/or auto-correct
  • Autonomous Beginnings
  • Testing Autonomous Code
  • Streaming video example one
  • Less latency streaming option