Installing the Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK)

NLTK is one of the most iconic Python modules, and it is the very reason I even chose the Python language.

There are very few Natural Language Processing (NLP) modules available for various programming languages, though they all pale in comparison to what NLTK offers.

Out of the box, NLTK can identify Named Entities (often nouns), and do part of speech tagging for grammar very simply. NLTK offers many very impressive advanced options as well.

To get NLTK, you can follow the video, though times have changed signifcantly since I posted that video.

The easiest way to get NLTK now is probably using pip with:

pip install nltk

If you need help with pip and installing packages, check out the .

After you have nltk, you will need to go into a python script and do:

import nltk

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