GPU servers and desktops in the cloud with Paperspace.

is a cloud provider of high-end GPU servers with both Linux and Windows instances, mainly focused on machine and deep learning, offering P5000 GPU (pascal 16GB VRAM), P6000 GPUs (Pascal 24GB of VRAM), and even the new Volta GPUs (V100), unlike other providers who mainly use older-modeled and/or only K80s for their GPU instances.

You can access the Paperspace servers through a shell interface like your typical VPS provider, but Paperspace also provides desktop GUIs if that's more of what you're familiar with, or if you just like to have that (which I love!). Their Windows instances have minimal latency to the point where I forget I am not on my own local machine. When working with the GTA V self-driving car, for example, I can play GTA V on their Windows VM and it feels like I am playing locally.

I've been using Paperspace nearly constantly since mid 2017, and have been nothing but impressed with both their service and customer service.

If you would like to check out Paperspace, here's a $10 referral credit to get you started: