Finishing User Registration Flask Tutorial

In this Flask tutorial, we're going to be wrapping up this registration system.

In order to do this, we're going to probably need a register.html page.

File: register.html Location: /var/www/PythonProgramming/PythonProgramming/templates/register.html
{% extends "header.html" %}

{% block body %}

	<div class = "container">
		{% from "_formhelpers.html" import render_field %}
		<form method=post action="/register/">
			<p><input type=submit value=Register></p>
		{% if error %}
			<p class="error"><strong>Error:</strong>{{error}}</p>
		{% endif %}


{% endblock %}

Here's a fairly typical registration form, only with the fields being rendered from the form object that we are passing through.

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