Clash Royale and Machine Learning

by: SirSergio, 4 years ago

Inspired by GTA and Machine Learning, I want ask some hints to develop a AI that can actually play Clash Royale. Now I trying to develop a huge dataset with every game details.


This is an example of a .csv file that can describe an entire match. In a more human format it means something like that:

gadm_banana  VS  Mendax3.0
Mendax3.0 plays prince px:9 py:31 at 114 ticks
Mendax3.0 plays arrows px:0 py:31 at 201 ticks
gadm_banana plays skeleton-army px:14 py:12 at 273 ticks
gadm_banana plays witch px:13 py:10 at 302 ticks
Mendax3.0 plays bomber px:11 py:27 at 346 ticks
Mendax3.0 plays archers px:17 py:29 at 511 ticks
gadm_banana plays baby-dragon px:14 py:13 at 662 ticks
Mendax3.0 plays knight px:14 py:17 at 673 ticks
gadm_banana plays musketeer px:14 py:10 at 771 ticks
gadm_banana plays giant px:14 py:12 at 961 ticks
Mendax3.0 plays fireball px:11 py:24 at 984 ticks
Mendax3.0 plays arrows px:17 py:0 at 1115 ticks
gadm_banana plays archers px:13 py:13 at 1133 ticks
gadm_banana plays skeleton-army px:10 py:18 at 1387 ticks
gadm_banana plays witch px:10 py:18 at 1561 ticks

(px, py are the position of the tiles of the battlefield and ticks it's the time: 20 ticks == 1 second)

It's think that a good architecture to apply to this kind of problems are Recurrent Neural Network(RNN). I've already work with LSTM (a type of RNN) but I can't figure out how to apply RNN to this problem. Should I pass all the data together or split between players ?  What's the best way to approach this project?

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I don't have an answer for you and this is completely off topic, but I am trying to learn Machine Learning myself and I am not sure where to start. If you don't mind me asking, which version of python are you using and how did you get started in learning ML? Thank you and I wish I could've helped you. It seems like an interesting project and I hope it succeeds!

-RafaelPiloto10 4 years ago

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Hi, have you made any progress on this project ? Also this will be Reinforcement Learning problem instead of a Supervised learning.

-Mr_AxL 1 year ago

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