Visualizing Child Parent relationship with Python

by: Mitsjol, 2 years ago

Hi all,

I'm looking to visualize child parent relationships. It's very simple, i just want a graphical way of showing how topics relate to each other. Say i have:

Child | Parent
Furniture |
Chair | Furniture
Chair with wheels | Chair
Table | Furniture
Wooden Table | Table

This obviously shows:

## Chair
####Chair with wheels
## Table
####Wooden Table

And i'm trying to learn Python, so i want to do it in Python plus something that relates closely like pandas. Going for Django + JQuery and python to format the data in to JSON so that the OrgChart Jquery script (below) can do this, is one option... But not preferred as i want to lean python, and preferably Pandas.  

Here's what i want to accomplish: that one to be quite nice, but it's jquery.  

Thanks in advance guys! :)


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